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Why You Should Wrap Your Outside Pipes During the Winter

One of the preventative measures that many homeowners fail to take that can cost them big bucks is winterizing their exposed pipes. When the temperature plunges below the freezing point of water, pipes in unheated portions of the house or outside the house can freeze and crack because the water inside them expands. Burst pipes cause expensive leaks that can cost a great deal of money for a plumber to fix, according to the American Red Cross. Even slow leaks inside the walls can result in mold damage. The problem needs to be addressed even if you live in the
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Immediate Steps to Take When You Have a Water Leak

Immediate Steps to Take When You Have a Water Leak Everyone at some point in their lives will experience and have to deal with a water leak in their home. It is one of those inevitable things that is bound to happen at least once for a home owner or renter. In fact, water damage due to water leaks is quite common and can be found in many homes and apartments. Read on to find out what to do when a water leak strikes. Act Quickly When you discover a leak you’ll want to act quickly in order to avoid
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