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3 Common Plumbing Problems that You Can Fix

  Routine maintenance is necessary for sinks, drains and more in any home. Emergency plumbing visits can become costly and it is well worth the effort to learn to identify and resolve common plumbing problems yourself. There are plumbing tasks that can be managed by homeowners and renters. Learn more about 3 issues commonly found in residential properties. 1. A Leaking Faucet Leaking Faucets is one of the most annoying issues that can occur in a home. The drip, drip, drip of water can be irritating to anyone attempting to fall asleep on a quiet evening. Individuals interested in green
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How to Troubleshoot Your Garbage Disposal

  Ah, the garbage disposal. Such a lifesaver when you need to get rid of yucky gunk that shouldn’t go in the garbage or the compost; a true modern convenience. But you know what’s not convenient? When those pesky disposals get stuck, jammed or just plain stop working altogether. Luckily, fixing a garbage disposal may not be as difficult as you think. While some cases do require expert help, you can actually do a lot to troubleshoot your garbage disposal yourself. Let’s talk about how to fix your own garbage disposal safely and easily. 1. Check the Power Source First
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